18th Century English Longboat


18th Century English Longboat

This is a model of a 26’ long English longboat from around the period of 1750-1760. This model was built from a kit that was patterned after contemporary models in the National Maritime Museum. This type of boat was often very decorative, so this one features a simulated frieze along the gunwale and on the transom. These boats were workboats carried aboard ship and used to ferry personnel and supplies to and from the ship. They could be fitted with a cannon for use in boarding operations or a heavy timber over the stern for handling the ship’s anchor. While normally rowed, these boats could also be fitted with sails for longer range duties.

About the Model

Around the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012, Model Shipways released a little kit of a 26’ long, 18th century English longboat at a scale of 1/4” = 1’. The kit was designed by modeler Chuck Passaro who designed a total of 5 kits for the company. I needed a small project that I could work on without a lot of tools at the time and though this one would make a nice diversion. At this time, all of the models I had been working on for several years were built from scratch, so this was a good opportunity to see if I could build a kit without making a lot of changes to it.

The model is of plank-on-frame construction using basswood almost exclusively. It is mounted on a cherry base with brass posts. The model measures about 11” in length and about 10-1/2” high on its base.

This is a model of a typical multi-purpose longboat as used by the English Navy in the mid-1700s.

This model was built from a kit, itself based on contemporary models in the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England.

Built at a scale of 1/4”=1’, this tiny gem of a model is less than 11” long and 11” high on its base.

Most of my models recently have been scratch built, so this is the first kit I’ve built in many years.

This kit from Model Shipways was a nice change. It was a challenge, but a fun little build, and I’m very happy with how it turned out.

The model is built in the plank-on-frame style.